Features of 0xEvilC0de CTF Framework

0xEvilC0de offers a well-featured SaaS CTF Framework that is frequently updated. Here are some of those features.

User Highlights


Users may create or join teams.

Live Scoreboard

0xEvilC0de features a live scoreboard so users can spectate as the competition unfolds.


Challenges can be assigned hints that will help a user if they’re stuck. Hints may also be used to enhance the educational experience.

Competition Highlights

No Charge

To keep 0xEvilC0de accessible, any user may create a competition for free.

Organization Collaboration

Multiple users can contribute to a competition by being a member of an organization.  To have an organization created for you, please contact us. Organization members have access to exclusive features.

Landing Page

Configure a landing page for your competition using a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. If your competition has time restrictions, a countdown timer is also displayed on this page.

Configurable Privacy

You may tweak whether or not a competition is public. If you create a private competition you will need to provide your users with the competition ID and password for them to join.

You may also change scoreboard visibility between the several options listed below.

  • Full Scoreboard (Default)
  • Completely Disabled
  • Personal Performance Only
  • Anonymous Users
    • Users/Teams will not be named. This can keep the competitive nature of a CTF without invading privacy.

Live Attempt Feed & Statistics

0xEvilC0de features detailed metrics that will help you run your competition smoothly and prevent abuse.

Clone Competitions

0xevilc0de allows you to clone your previous competitions.

Team Configuration

If you decide to enable teams on your competition, you may control the following variables:

  • Whether or not users can create their own teams
  • How many users are allowed per team

Challenge Highlights

Unlockable Challenges

Control the progression of users by using unlockable challenges. Our editor uses easy to understand flowcharts to help map out the competition.

Multiple Choice Challenges

We offer multiple choice challenges to help break the monotony of standard flag based challenges.

Mark File Uploads as Malware

If you are using malware for challenges, we provide an option to mark a file as malware to warn users.


Mentioned above, we provide hints that may be purchased in exchange for advice. The purchase will subtract from the points a user will receive by completing the challenge.

Challenge Repository

0xEvilC0de features a challenge repository. The repository provides a community for organization members to share challenges to be featured in competitions. The repository can also be used exclusively for the organization to create competitions in a Lego brick style.