Getting Started

Welcome to the 0xEvilC0de Capture-The-Flag (CTF) Framework! This framework was designed and developed from the ground-up from faculty and students at Dakota State University. You can access the framework at no cost at the following URL:

Why Another CTF Framework?

Capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions provide dynamic, real-time environments intended to engage and challenge the participants. However, they are often not designed to focus on educational objectives, but rather present a series of challenges with little to no direction. This forces participants to learn as a by-product of their desire to complete a challenge, and not through a guided series of tasks or steps. While engaging, this creates a dilemma in attempting to utilize a CTF in the classroom. Participants that are unable to receive assistance during a competition run the risk of being unable to successfully complete all learning objectives. This framework aims to provide an educational CTF platform through the use of a novel help system, which we think will maximize learning and student engagement and opening the utility of such frameworks to the classroom. In addition, this is a hosted solution, alleviating many of the difficulties of setting up and configuring CTF software.

What Does the Framework Provide?

This framework is being provided at no cost. However, there are a few minor limitations.

Privacy Model

The framework allows users to create CTFs in one of two visibility modes: public or private. When a user registers on the site, they are given access to any publicly-accessible CTF. To participate in a private CTF, the CTF organizer will need to provide them with the competition ID and password.

CTF Creation

All users may create their own competitions for free, whether public or private. In addition to creating and managing their CTFs, the CTF manager will also be able to view statistics about their CTFs in real-time or post-competition.

Caveat Emptor

This framework is still undergoing extensive modifications, feature enhancements and bug fixes so check back often to see whats new.